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Xylazine (XYL) Tranq Drug Test Strips*

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    WaiveDx XYL Drug Test Strips*

    The WaiveDx XYL Test Strips are an easy-to-use competitive immunoassay that is used to screen for the presence of XYL in urine, powder, or pills. 

    WaiveDx XYL Test Strips are easy to use and deliver accurate results in just 5 minutes. With individually packaged test strips and a compact format, our XYL tests are the perfect choice for XYL detection.

    Detects XYL in concentrations above 1000 ng/mL, ensuring that you can identify even low levels of XYL. 


    Key Features:

    • Accurate Detection: Test strips provide reliable and accurate results, detecting XYL in a given substance
    • Sensitivity: These test strips are highly sensitive, detecting XYL at concentrations above 1,000 ng/mL
    • Easy to Use: WaiveDx test strips are user-friendly, with clear instructions and a simple testing process that can easily be understood and followed.
    • Quick Results: This product provides rapid results, allowing users to obtain results within 5 minutes.
    • Portable and compact: This product is compact and easy to carry, enabling users to conveniently test substances in various settings, such as at home, at parties, or at festivals.
    • Cost-Effective: Our test strips are reasonably priced, ensuring affordability and accessibility for individuals who may need to test substances regularly.
    • Clear Result Interpretation: Our XYL test strips provide clear and easy-to-interpret results, minimizing the chances of misreading or misinterpreting the outcome.
    • Sample Types: Our XYL test strips are capable of identifying the presence of XYL in urine, liquid substances, or pills. For instructions on how to use these strips to test your supply for XYL, please consult WaiveDx's FAQs. 
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    Testing Directions:  

    The test must be at room temperature 39-86°F (4-30°C).

    1. Open the sealed pouch by tearing along the notch. Remove the test Strip from the pouch.

    2. Immerse the strip into the sample that will be tested with the arrow pointing towards the liquid sample. Take the strip out after 10 seconds.

    IMPORTANT: Do not allow the urine level to exceed the MAX (marker line), otherwise the test will not perform correctly.

    3. Lay the test strip on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface.

    4. Read the results at 5 minutes. The drug test results remain stable for up to thirty (30) minutes.


    Preliminary positive (+)

    A rose-pink band is visible in the control region, but no colored band appears in the test region. This indicates a preliminary positive result for this specific drug. Preliminary positive results must be sent to a lab for confirmation.

    Negative (-)

    A rose-pink band is visible in the control region and the test region. This indicates that the drug is not present in the sample or is at a level that cannot be detected by this test.


    If a color band is not visible in the control region, or a color band is only visible in the test region, the test is invalid. You should repeat the test with a new test Strip. If the test still shows an invalid result, please contact us.

    Note: There is no meaning to the colored line intensity or width. Any visible line is considered to be a line.

    Certain lines may appear lighter or thinner than other lines.



    The test strip provides only a preliminary test result. All “preliminary positive” samples should be sent to a laboratory for a confirmatory laboratory test.

      *This drug testing device is for “Forensic Use Only.” This means that it has not been cleared by the FDA for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or other condition, and therefore, it is not a “CLIA Waived” test. This device is intended only for law enforcement purposes and has not been designed, tested, developed, or labeled for use in other settings, including healthcare settings. If you have any questions about the intended use or appropriate setting for this device, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our Statement on Forensic Use Products.
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      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Drug Test Strips* - WaiveDx
      Xylazine (XYL) Tranq Drug Test Strips*